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Tribute to the King of Pop
Michael Jackson

The entertainer, the humanitarian, a man of many gifts and Michael, the human being.

An exclusive look at who Michael Jackson really was, facts vs. fiction, dispelling all of the tabloid rumors you've heard throughout the years, the truth about the allegations and a celebration of the music, and the man.

"Cry" by Michael Jackson off the "Invincible album
This site is for you if you've believed the tabloid rumors, ever wondered or didn't know what to believe about Michael Jackson.  It's also for you if you're a fan:

The site answers the following questions:

*Did Michael convert to Islam?

*Did Michael bleach his skin or want to be white?

*Was Michael Jackson a pedophile?

*What really happened in the 1993 and 2003 allegations and the 2005 trial?

*What was Michael Jackson really like and who was he?

*Why did he always carry an umbrella?

*Was that his real voice?

*Was he strange, eccentric, a freak?

And so much more.

It's time the truth came out about Michael.  The truth about a man with a truly beautiful heart and soul that many never got the chance to see because of what was falsely being said about and printed about him.

The site that finally tells the truth about who Michael was, much of it in his own words, as well as dispels tabloid rumors, and includes exclusive interviews with one of the nation’s leading attorneys, Tom Mesereau (who was Michael Jackson’s attorney in the 2005 trial), New York Times best-selling author, true crime writer and Fox News correspondent Aphrodite Jones, author and witness to extortion, and at the time, legal secretary to attorney Barry Rothman, Geraldine Hughes, and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Larry Nimmer.

The site answers questions about Michael’s character, his faith, the accusations about skin bleaching, his sexuality, the child molestation cases and much more, and also includes Michael’s extensive humanitarianism and a wide range of accomplishments, many of which are unknown to the general public, including Michael the artist, and Michael the inventor.
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